Impossible Burger

I had seen advertising for the Impossible Burger mostly on Facebook. It’s a new company making a plant based burger which is supposed to look like, have the consistency of and taste of real meat. A couple weeks ago my company was taking us out for a team building event and the place originally selected had the Impossible Burger on the menu so I had hoped to try it out. At the last minute that venue changed and we didn’t go there after all.

So while looking for a place to meet a friend for lunch I noticed that the Liberty Burger in Las Colinas had the Impossible Burger on the menu. What’s great about this is while I choose the Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle and wish all my friends and family would too it gives options of places to eat to accommodate me and them. It turns out Liberty Burger also has a veggie Patty that they make in house so next time I’ll try that.

Impossible Burger and Kale Salad

The Impossible Burger definitely lived up to the billing. It did look like, have the consistency of and taste of real meat. I actually asked to verify. The server confirmed and he even knew information about the Impossible Burger and how they are made. I enjoyed the burger and would likely order another one sometime.

A couple things to note though. First, the Impossible Burger should not be considered strictly Whole Food Plant Based because the ingredients include oil. I looked at this as one of those green light, yellow light, red light moments that Dr Greger talks about where having a little yellow light or red light food may make sense from time to time like in this case to meet a friend for lunch.

The other thing is the Impossible Burger has gluten in it. So if you have celiac or gluten sensitivity please avoid this. It’s actually one reason why I had the Impossible Burger with a friend is Mande doesn’t eat any gluten due to her Celiac and therefore it’s not an option for her. So going without her to try it made sense.

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