Bare Burger

Traveling and continuing the Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle can present challenges and opportunities. It can be a challenge to find place to eat out that accommodate the lifestyle. At the same time being in different parts of the country present opportunities to try new restaurants and food that we wouldn’t get to try at home. This is our second trip since being 100% WFPB. Plus traveling with our kids who prefer a some meat makes fidning a place to eat even more challenging to meet (ha ha) everyone’s needs.

This adventure didn’t disappoint. Staying in an AirBNB in Washington, DC we searched Google maps for a few minutes and located Bare Burger about a quarter mile away. What’s interesting is living in Dallas it’s hard to find a place with any vegan options. Here we are out of town and there is a place closer to us than the major cross street in our neighborhood at home.

One we were seated and looked at th menu we found that Bar Burger had not one, not two but a whopping six plant based burgers to choose from including the Impossible burger (which I had had last week) and the beyond meat burger. However the others were all made in house so we both opted for them.

Sweet potato and kale burger on collard greens

I had the sweet potato and kale burger wrapped in collard greens. This was a really unique way to serve the burger. Rather than most “burger on lettuce” options this actually had a very nice presentation being cut in half and served on a squer!

Mande choose the black bean and

Black bean and corn burger on gluten free bun

corn burger on a gluten free bun. She added the vegan American cheese to try it out.

These burgers did not disappoint. If you find yourself in Washington, DC or another city with a Bare Burger location be sure to check them out.

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