Many families have certain things that are important to them. Not like traditions, or holidays but certain days, certain places, etc. In our family it is numbers. I know sounds weird. We celebrate Pi Day, May the 4th be with you day, and weird things like that. Before we got married we realized that our birthdays were both on the 14 day of our birth month and our kids (his and hers boys) were both on the 28th day of their birth month. Later in our marriage we came up with celebrating 100 years (The year Carl would turn 50, I would turn 40 and we would be married 10 years). We had fun celebrating that milestone. As it turns out there are lots of 100 things in our life. Last weekend our youngest son graduated from High School. Wouldn’t you know it’s 100 days from graduation until he starts Tech School. There are so many 100’s in our lives.
We decided to start this blog to share with others our journey to lose 100 plus pounds. So far we are at 80. It has been such a life changing journey for us and we want to share our new knowledge with you. We are not experts just avid researchers and trying to do the best we can. Interesting when we celebrated 100 years the thought of one of us celebrating 100 years of life never occurred to me. But after being on this journey I think it is definitely something to look forward to.
I hope you will be encouraged by our journey.

Getting Started


In this section we have categorized a number of resources to help you on your journey. These include documentaries, books, websites, YouTube channels, Social Media forums and more. The amount of information to digest can seem overwhelming. So we have tried to break it down into bite sized chunks.

We invite you to join the Journey to 100 and Beyond Facebook Group where you can ask us questions and benefit from the conversation with others on the journey. We also encourage you to like the Journey to 100 and Beyond Facebook page. so that you are notified when new content is posted.


Black Bean Mash

1lb black beans1 medium onion1 green bell pepper2 carrots6 cloves garlic1 teaspoon cumin1/2 teaspoon chili powder1 teaspoon oregano5 cups Vegetable broth Sort out any bad black beans or stones. Cut onion in chunks. Cut bell pepper into chunks. Cut carrots into 1-2 inch pieces. Put all ingredients in instant pot. Cook on pressure in instant …


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