Do you use Organic produce

We tend to follow the Environmental Work Group’s (EWG) clean fifteen and dirty dozen to select organic produce over non organic. A simple rule of thumb is if you eat the skin prefer organic. For example you can’t scrub a strawberry to get any chemicals off it. So we prefer organic strawberries. But you don’t eat the skin of an avacado so we will use non organic.

We have a hard time finding organic

jalapeno so we use non organic if we have to and wash them.

Nutrition Facts dot org has some wonderful resources on organic foods. Scientifically just eating fruits and veggies outweighs the added risks as pointed out in the conclusion of this video:

If just half the U.S. population were to increase fruit and vegetable consumption by a single serving a day, an estimated 20,000 cancer cases might be avoided each year. That’s how powerful produce may be. But because the model was using conventional fruits and veggies the pesticide residues on those extra fruits and vegetables might result in ten additional cancer cases. So overall, if half of us ate one more serving, we’d just prevent 19,990 cases of cancer a year. Now this was a paper written by scientists-for-hire paid for by the Alliance for Food and Farming, which is a bunch of conventional produce growers, so they probably exaggerated the benefits and minimized the risks, but I think the bottom-line is sound. We get a tremendous benefit from eating conventional fruits and vegetables that far outweighs whatever tiny bump in risk from the pesticides, but hey, why accept any risk at all when you can choose organic? I agree, but we should never let concern about pesticides stop us from stuffing our face with as many fruits and vegetables as possible.

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