Fresh produce from Costco and Sam’s

From the Facebook Forks Over Knives group

Does anyone here buy fresh produce from Costco or Sam’s Club and find it to be both cost-efficient and quality product?

My response:

Yes. Costco. We shop the green tags (organics). The bag of zucchini and squash is great. Love the fresh blueberries for my oatmeal.

With that said we bad experiences with avacado and banana from Costco. So we don’t buy those there anymore. I suspect experience (and inventory) could vary from store to store across the country.

For example, as we travel we still cook at friends, relatives and Airbnb. So we’ve been to Costco in different cities and states. Some of them have different inventory than what we find near home.

Costco generally has good value on the things they have. So my suggestion is to try their selection and see what works for you where you are.

Out general rule if thumb is to buy what we can at Costco and then one of the other stores for what we couldn’t get there.

While we also have a Sam’s membership we don’t shop there as often because it’s further from our house. We found slue to be good for what they had in stock.

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