Weight loss milestone

I stepped on the scale this morning

and what did I see 170 pounds looking at me. Another milestone to hit 170. That’s 73 pounds of total weight loss from my Max of 243 pounds.

It’s fun to see what weight loss looks like. Like when I lost 58 pounds it was the rough equivalent of 7 gallons of water (A gallon of water it 8.34 pounds so 7 gallons is 58.38 pounds).

I found this website weight and things you can enter your weight and it shows you equivalent comparisons. Instead of my weight I entered 73 pounds into the search to compare my weight loss. It shows me how many sushi (1655) my weight loss is. Then you can click the next button and see other comparisons. Since I spend a lot of my exercise time playing basketball I found the comparison to 58 basketballs meaningful!

Putting my weight into BMI (Body Mass Index) I started out at 35.9 (obese).

And now at 170 pounds I am still listed as overwight with a BMI of 25.1.

I know you can’t necessarily put a lot of stock in BMI but it’s interesting to note that even now I’m still considered overweight by this standard.

So my next goal is to be normal. Lol. Normal BMI. That’s right losing just one more pound will put me within the normal range!

Ive shared before that I’m not actually just focused on BMI. In his book “How Not to Die” Dr Greger suggests a better measurement is a ratio of height to maximum body circumference to not exceed two to one. He describes this as the waist to heirghr ratio or WHR and you can learn the detailed explanation in his video. With that in mind my I’m 5’9″ which is 69 inches. So by Dr Greger’s standard my maximum circumf should be no more than 34.5 inches. However mine is 38 (down from 39 when I first bought a tape measure a few months ago). I don’t have a starting measurement. But I know it has to be much more than this since my starting waist size was more than 40 and my belly was larger than that. So while not completely focused on weight loss now I’m focused on losing abdominal fat because it can contribute to many health issues.

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